Subversive cycling

Bicycle & Subversive cycling

The herons, heifers, hares and hurlers are visible anytime you cycle by the back field, above the Lame Duck abroad in Guileog.( Across the river from where Bock’s killers exercise ). The bike is my sanity and shot stopper in the descent to becoming another Fat Francis ( a true character known to most Limerick people, passed on a couple years back ). Mercifully daughter Darla ( DD ) and son Buzz are too big to be carried, so for the most part it’s a solo pursuit when I can articulate my talent for taking known and unknown short cuts in 2007 Limerick, presenting a huge danger hurtling up one way streets, racing along paths and breaking lights. ( In reality, a fat fuck in cycling shorts.) So my bike is a life-saver affording spiritual redemption and a reduced carbon foot print with variable emissions.

There are spots on my run where I see Kingfishers or an occasional otter, Polish fisherman looking longingly at the swans and kids smoking dope. Or maybe chat to old Kathleen and she’ll tell you again about the White House ghost lady floating down across Plassey to the black foot bridge across the Shannon.

More some other time. 



Forwards: G Shvelidze, A Kaplan, M Magrakvelidze, D Khinchagashvili, D Zirakashvili, A Giorgadze, I Zedginidze (Captain), V Didebulidze, M Gorgodze, L Datunashvili, G Labadze, B Udesian, R Urushadze, G Chkhkaidze, Z Maisuradze, I Maisuradze.

Backs: P Jimsheladze, O Barkalaia, M Kvirikashvili, B Khamashuridze, I Machkhaneli, G Shkinin, G Elizbarashvili, O Eloshvili, M Urjukashvili, I Giorgadze, D Kacharava, R Guigauri, I Abuseridze, B Samkharadze

GEORGIA SQUAD announced today. Irish Match versus this well-known Georgia team is a sell-out. And we can’t get a couple of hundred punters to good AIL matches. The whole thing is bull-shit, and rugby will die if we let this shower of mercenary dilettantes look after the game – Bastards.

Shannon -> Heathrow. 

Here’s a thing. How can that fuck Willie O’Dea, be heading up the resistance to the closure of the route, and still be a member of the FF party who gave it the OK . I mean how fucking stupid are we to believe this little fuck who speaks out both sides of his moustache. Makes me vomit, as much as his arrival at every Limerick funeral. How this fucker lives with himself I don’t know, I find it hard enough to stay the course with one lie ( I think most of us do ), but this sad sack of shit’s whole life is lie. 


An exchange of views with DD last evening, requesting her to remove the chewing gum and adjust her tone, whilst discussing her strapless top. There’s only so much ” Well there are things you could wear which better suit” or ” Really you can wear anything and make it look well” I can contribute before,

”  No, take that slutty thing off and kop yourself on” , and NO, I’m not going to ” get used to” your clothes, and BTW, ” you’re not going to an Energiser until you’re fourteen “, well not on my shift anyway.

Main squeeze and I back on same page, thank God. Speaking of the Deity, this last summer is absolute proof of her sweet feminine changeable nature. Anyway we’ve ( me and her ) re-distributed  mission critical actions and activities  ( groceries, cooking and bills ) and peace broke out.  Yippeee.


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