There’s stress about at the moment. We’re edgy and irritable and not 100% supportive of each other. DD started secondary school, and thought a Christina Aguilera look appropriate for first day. Squeeze had frank and open discussion with her, likening her style to a halting site. Lively debate ensued when I massacred myself shaving and saved boys from injury. Squeeze left to ready herself and I adopted good guy guise with DD, toning down iconic soft porn image. Cried later when I saw her touch some old writing on outside of school bag, the one she’s had since primary school, as if secretly wishing to be in a more comfortable place but knowing there’s no way back. I’d never seen her doubt like that before. Breaks my heart. 


Buzz started his new primary school and reported “brilliant” which means brain washing worked. 

Best teacher and school on the planet, Buzz, Okay?

K dad.  

Early set back yesterday, requiring an intervention of some sort. Jamie want’s a fight. Jamie, it transpires is a scumbag in the making and likes fighting. The school rules are clear though, warning for the instigator, suspension for the retaliator. Buzz won’t start a fight but won’t walk away from one, and we have always encouraged him to work out shit among his peers, which means that he’s not a natural whistleblower. So, we’ll just have see how things work out. But Jamie is a bastard forever in my eyes. 

Omar Shariff 

Omar Shariff didn’t eat his lunch yesterday and I’m concerned that he might be missing his brother and sister who, up to this year, were in the same school as him. Him being the youngest, I wanted to make sure that he was settled in class and with his new teacher, so on the first day I lingered 

You Okay Omar Shariff? 

Yes Dad 

You sure Omar,  


So will I go now?  

Puhlease …………….. 

But still, he’s the youngest and I want him to eat his lunch today. 


Squeeze has all but completed studies and is working full time now. So no Mom at home for the first time ever, and we’re betwixt and between minders. Squeeze’s Da, loveliest man ever, looks after Omar till DD comes home, but Buzz is alone for three hours after school and is a constant worry. 

I suppose it’s all about letting go, accepting,the Buddha thing and the denial of instant self-gratification.

2 responses to “Stress

  1. Watch out for the girl vs girl hell that 1st year secondary can be, unless she has the safety in numbers with a gang from primary.

  2. Hi Conan, if there was a drink in the house I’d offer it to you, you being our second visitor. So 100,000 welcomes.

    Thanks of the advice and we’ll be careful. 50 % of DD’s primary class transferred to the new school, so she has some support. T’is all go at the moment though.

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