Very merry berry blogging

Here on my lonely little blog wondering and then wandering round the ether, looking at the all the grown-up big blogs, listening to the adults talking like I did when I was a small child, amazed at the topics and words adults use. Wandering around the blogosphere picking blackberries, noticing an interesting hedge row over there and on my way, seeing a juicier clump nearer to hand, lingering and tasting. So my mouth is a big purple mess, and my hands a red winey brown but I’ve had a fill of berries, big definite juicy Bock ones, gorgeous Gimme ones, some lovely soft fat mammy cat juicers and some major bitter tart ones. I had to go find the berries and was not disappointed, although I’ve been scratched by the spiky thorns and thickets. But on the whole it’s been worth while and my tummy is a full autumnal contentment. Blackberry bushes grow everywhere despite the mean man’s best efforts, they flourish and bear fruit. The current crop is bountiful and my cup of berry juice runneth over with flavour and sweetness.  

The Bock berry is a huge giant definite thing which you have to reach up for, and getting there can be a bit scary. A ladder and a head for heights is needed, but it’s worth it in the end and really not that scary at all. Bock berries are most bountiful and cover lots of different hedgerows. Sometime you need to move fast to get the Bock berry, but if I’m not fast enough I go along later to see what’s left over. There’s always a couple left.  

The gorgeous gimmes, oh they are a delight and so tasty. Full of variety, brightly coloured and you can’t help laughing as you fall and stumble reaching out, trying to pick them because sometimes they disappear or maybe they were never there in the first place. Either way it’s a wonderful gorgeous hedge row gig, getting gimme berries.  

Recently, soft fat mammy cat berries were shaken to the ground and trampled on wildly by all the children. Wonderful soft nurturing berries were given freely at her maternal hedge row, and even after all the trampling they tasted good and wholesome. The hedgerow trail looked a little bloody though, and some of the children were crying because they had been pushed into the nasty thorns and scraped themselves. But the children stayed put and kept eating her berries cause they liked the taste and knew her generosity, and were eventually sated. Soft fat mammy cat kept giving no matter how much was asked of us her. 

Thanks all. 

2 responses to “Very merry berry blogging

  1. Bock berry pie with fat mammy cobbler?

  2. Thanks SS and welcome, all berried out. Nights are closing in on top of us , it’s big comforting wordy stews from here on in .

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