Support you local policeman, he’s all there is between you and the scumbag.

There’s a part of me which wants all of us to turn our back for a week, a month maybe, and give the police free reign to deal with every scumbag in this town, however they see fit. And if that includes kicking the living shit out of them, castrating them, disabling them, disappearing them, I don’t care anymore cause enough already. The scumbags are laughing at us, parading their “done time” tattoos, crowing about their personal media coverage and we’re paralysed, staring into a scumbag lamplight while they wreck a city’s head. Shooting , killing, drugs, gangs, protection, robbery, violence, this latest report or that later report all saying the same fucking thing, that the situation is out of control and shows absolutely no sign of coming in line .


And what do we do to the one entity that stands between us and oblivion? Do we support and encourage it? Embrace it as part of every day life?


Fuck no, we parody them, we laugh at them, we satirise them, we belittle them, we castigate them , we micromanage them, and then we send them unarmed into utter shit-holes, where if they fell down alone, they would never, ever, get back up again. We have a police force, and like other police forces there are bad fuckers in there (seems to go with the territory), and yes these moral bankrupts must be kicked out and punished for their crimes. But what about the rest.


Bock reports facts, accurate facts. However I’m sometimes left with a feeling that, the operation was a total success, but that the patient unfortunately died. His reports and analysis are correct, but his conclusions don’t characterise a police force. It’s easy to point the finger at the annoying shit the garda get stuck into, and to be honest we don’t need to be told when to leave the pub, or where to park, or when to wear a seat-belt. But I want the police below in the Island, kicking of the shit of scumbags who have taken over a place where sound people lived. I want them kicking crap out of the edgy coke heads who abuse their kids when their shit gets scarce. I want to drive or walk round the place like I used to before, want to be able to take my kids to see their cousins and friends. It now appears to me, the only way this can happen is, if we allow the police to use existing intelligence, and start making a scumbag’s life absolute misery.

Let the scumbag drink his food through a straw, get used to a catheter, use crutches or a wheel chair, let him rot in junkie scag hell, let him get Aids from a dirty needle and let him rot and die a horrible death. Get angry about the scum bags, stay angry and figure out who’s on the side of the angels. The police are a big part of the answer here. Change the laws as well, lock the little fuckers up (  most of them are small, what is that ?), and give them hard labour for ten lifetimes, for twenty fucking lifetime and let them shit in dirty pots and get sick, cause they don’t give a shit about me, about my children or about anyone other then their scumbag selves.    

2 responses to “Support you local policeman, he’s all there is between you and the scumbag.

  1. S&C: Maybe I didn’t express my point well enough. That’s my fault – not yours.

    I’m demanding more policing, better policing and more professional policing.

    We pay enough for it and we’re entitled to it.

  2. No Bock, you make valid, well informed and enviably well written reports on policing here, so my rant is not do with the way you expressed your point. If a Martian was to visit Limerick, what would he make of the police if, he was to listen to the media only. He wouldn’t hear that the community cop was above in my son’s class yesterday explaining the rules of the road, or that one of the lads above in the local is a retired policeman, or that clatter of kids who play outside my house, well their father is a plain clothes detective. Each of these individual cops are honest to goodness, decent men and are ashamed at the McBrearity situation and also the Dean Lyons tragedy and all the other fuck ups. Yes, the media have a positive role to play in getting the shit our there, but surely we must be careful not to tar them all with the same brush. There’s a dank and stagnant morale problem in the police force now, and they’re fearful too. The joe-soap cop gets is major pissed off with the coverage the uniform is getting and yet, he still has to take the scumbag heat. We should be mindful of his plight.

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