Big one

Did I mention that rugby is improtant is this town.

Sniffle and the Rockies, badly drawn middle-aged boys, thrown up against the hoarding abroad in Coonagh. Shannon-Bohs in the AIL, a more recent and unusual story in that Shannon were looking for their first win in three years against the lustrous lined Crombie coats. Well, we got it and they, for some reason unexplained for the duration, looked for a “Big one”. Not sure if they ever received same, but it was curious that they weren’t looking for scores or additional effort or rugby stuff in general that might lead to their team winning. I thought a “big two or three” might have been more useful, but no, they were insistent on a “Big one Bohs”.

 Anyway, we were happy enough with the whole shebang, temperate November Saturday afternoon and a happy bunch of like minded children. Usual suspects present and in their normal anxious configurations along the length and breadth of the pitch. Optimistic Olive relieved as ever, that Shannon, the best club team on the planet, had once again been victorious. I had the Rockies in stereo and up close and personal with my ear drums, still damaged from last year. Sympathetic harmonics throughout the second half as they berated the corrupt officialdom, I went home deafer. Will they ever learn the rules?   

A friendly academic, one of the few agreeable Bohs suits, moved away from us in the second half joining his own kind further up the fence, echoing their chorus of disapproval of all things black and blue and calling for that elusive “Big one Bohs”. It’s a crying shame he couldn’t have been a Shannon man and led a more fulfilling life for supporting a team with a back-bone  ( actually it’s the supporters who need a back-bone ) . But who are we to question? We do what we do, we follow who we follow, and hey, Shannon, it’s a spiritual thing and you gotta live and let live. But it would be nice for them, if they could see the light.  

Clontarf next week and the hard choice of the alcohol drenched lilac bus or Braino’s fish-tailer up to the smoke. There’s an early hint that Shannon might be back, and that the media mandarins will be made fools of, for their silly talk that the league is not what it used to be. For our part, we haven’t  yet  done the breakfast roll thing  this season or  had  any filthy dirty pornographic conversations which make a  road trip so enjoyable. There’ll be entertainment of course, the oldies will get an airing and we’ll play music too. See you there.

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