Man flu, le Boo

 Spluttering, snuffling, snot full hankies, coughing and green spitting, a bad, no a very bad case of the Boo, a true man flu. He sits in a vapour of Vicks and cloves, slurping hot whisky, drawn into himself and his ailment. In a corner of his local spreading germs, sneezing and slurping miserably. Too hot, throws off his coat in a torment, and immediately feels the chill from the open door. Bastards, selfish unthinking bastards puffing away knowing he can’t smoke. Rhinitis, the unrelenting runny rhinitis, the itching red-rimmed eyes and then the collapse and wet smoking anyway.

The Boo’s beginnings are in a star burst of sinus, a desert dry aching throat, and impaired senses. Coordination, never a strong suit, deteriorates before plunging into a free fall of bruised knuckles and stubbed toes. Confined to chair, to bed, to cabin, his anxiety to move builds to a contrary crescendo.

She enters the sick kitchen á la river dance, rummages for food, and settles on another bowl of cornflakes.

Hi Dad, still sick?

More an accusation then a question.

Omar Shariff tumbles in for chocolate chips.

Dad, sick, still?

Ask your sister.

Buzz lightening arrives, so fast it hurt’s his sick eyes. Decelerates road-runner like to a quivering standstill.



No one understands man flu or can fully assimilate the Boo excepting 48 ½ year old grumpy fuckers who have soared like eagles and touched stars.  

8 responses to “Man flu, le Boo

  1. Had a little wander myself;);)

    …..Boo Hoo, you’ve got man flu. Hope you’re feeling better soon hun….

  2. Hi Ellen,

    So you’ve seen this before and know it’s gravitas, excellent, not many of your kind understand.

    Much better today, thanks much for asking and welcome.

    Good luck

  3. The best cure for man flu is to run around in Dublin late at night in the rain. Unfortunately this seems to be a sure fire way of catching woman flu. Only one sinus throbbing so far but the noise is waking its neighbour. Throat closing. And right after a one day bout of the gastric flu yesterday.
    I think Dublin is bad for the major organs.

  4. How be you Mr Sniffle? Am fighting flu-like symptoms right now and thinking of you. Hope you’re well.

  5. Coooooeeeeeeeeeee! Anybody home?

  6. Hi Eolaí,

    Took time out. Only caught your comment today. Apologies. Hope you’re feeling better.

    Hi Sam,

    Tell Padre Pig that he’s a faker .

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