Tongue kissin

Lightness Sniffle?


Yeah, the unbearability of it.


Good shit? And the being too?


Sorta, that unbearable lightness of being.


Mid-summer huh?


Yeah, brilliant isn’t it, bright till dark.


Covert kissing and cuddling?


Did you see Peter and Alex’s sister today? Omar Shariff told me, tongue kissing down by the tree house.


And you explained to him?


I tried but he put his hands over his ears and went lalalalala.


As long as he doesn’t try it on his Mom.


Yeah, unbearable that.


Brendan is reading Sweet Thursday now. The Cannery Road follow on, he called it. You like John Steinbeck, Sniffle?


Black Marigolds and summer lovin with Sam’s rabbits, yeah.


So, lightness and being Sniffle?






One response to “Tongue kissin

  1. “Roll out these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…!”

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