Snot me

This afternoon, at the end of the 30 days of consultation, I lived. Okay a little overstated, but I’m staying with the MAN for a while a more and can still pay the jack and jills. That’s a big woohooo folks, cause @ 49 with three squalls and missus in the lower paying part of a legal career, I just don’t need that shit right now. Another time yes please, but without the financial pressure, thank you very much.

So within the little cubicle coven where I work, my three co-workers and I were strategically placed in corners. And you may remember the MAN was looking for three to go, and yes, you’ve guessed I felt the swish of the apocalypse and smelt his bad aftershave (death shaves on this blog).

 Anyway that’s it and I will truly miss one of the three.

Yesterday somewhere in the ether, people were talking about being on their own in the house/ flat and getting naked fast. So another whoohoo for flabby Sniffle home alone and loving the sinful bare nakedness of it all. I might even shave my arse like that Mosley twat. I’m looking at its juiciness frequently.

Holidays have come and gone again for Blackie Connors tinker in a caravan me. And for my trouble I had my teenage daughter Darla + OMG friend, our sweetest sullen and sulky eldest son and Omar Ohariff  our kid. It’s a caravan rap folks, not tits or tongs but big knicker moms in a maternity of caravans and me,

Are you Cerious


It’s a caravan trap,

A caravan rap.


Made up five times today,

She’s my sweet princess,

Poured into her jeans to tease,

Jail bait for all you rap artistes.


Are you Cerious


It’s a caravan trap,

A caravan rap.


Latent teenage angst does not rate

With teenage hate,

No easy livin for the caravan man,

No chillin


Are you Cerious


It’s a caravan trap,

A caravan rap.


2 responses to “Snot me

  1. Yo, dat’s the caravaning fuhshizzle, homie.

    Great news about missing the axe. That must be a load off your mind. That must have been a long July, my friend. Worth a celebration, I’d say. Woohoo!

  2. Thanks Sam. It was dragging on a bit and although I always thought myself reasonably safe, it had become like an itch in an arkward place where you can’t get a good scratch.

    Home alone, major space, beer and wine in house, and batteries in the remote controls for music and TV ( and not in the WII fit thing which keeps gobbling up batteries) . I leave stuff down and its still there, in the same place, the next day. Whoofuckinghooo. Celebration time.
    Though I’ll miss them all soon enough, but for the moment, woohoooooooooooooo

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