To those who visit, thanks.

It’s a strange fucker, this blogging lark. Strange and lonely so that comments and hits make it less so.

I’m away for a while. How long depends on my knee.

Have you ever seen or read “The old man and the sea”?



Well remember when he spoke to his hand, the hand which held the glorious sail fish for so long, and how the hand was cut and raw and broken? Remember?

Well, I’m away for potentially four days on a bike, pending knee reaction. I’ve been talking to my knee since Monday evening, pleading and cajoling, promising to allow the other knee take the brunt. But, the bad knee has an agent and is holding out big time.



You’ve never seen the movie?

Read the book?

So, read this excellent book, and feel time whittling by.

See ya later alligator.

13 responses to “Knee

  1. Knees cannot be bargained with.I know this from experience.Like fire they are good servants but cruel masters/mistresses just waiting for you to err so they can leap at your throat to hold the jagged edge of bursitis to your jugular.Bastards.

    I prefer solitary to lonely though.Not ready to admit that reality just yet.

  2. I’m out of here too for a spell. My crap knees will have no affect on it.

    My crap finances may well.

    Enjoy, hope the appendage holds out.

  3. every time I make a new friend…….take it easy….

  4. Hope you’re away for as long as you want to be.

    Not only do I talk to my body parts when it comes to cycling, but they talk to each other, and I’m not simply talking orifices.

    Be nice to your knees, to both of them.

  5. If you favour one knee, the other will know it and sulk.

    Have a lovely time, Sniffs!

  6. Jesus, man, when did you start posting so regularly?

    There’s some gorgeousness here, ready, thinky gorgeousness.

  7. Ready like readingy, not the way ready reads. If you read me.

  8. If you’re on a bike tour, then cool. Take photos and post them. Great way to fill up blog space. Trust me. I know crap like this.


  9. Devin , you are so right. So painfully right.
    Xbox, borrow money, everyone else does.
    Manuel, I love you or is that too trite?
    Eolai, yep, body parts have conversations, sneaky ones behind their arthritic hands.
    Hey Sam, welcome back. It’s been too long really.
    Randall, I think there’s a post in it. Not pretty though.

    Hey folks, thanks for calling by. It’s nice to be heard.

  10. Just saying hello – good luck with the knee. Perhaps it’s time for a bionic one?

  11. Hey Jo,

    But then I’d have to change the other parts to keep up with the bionic knee. Oh deary me, I sense pain…..

  12. Hi Sniff
    How goes it? I do hope your knee problem is sorted.

    Not so eloquent as yourself but none the less.
    Sittin here on the night of my baby’s 20th. Lisnin to the moosac that he has been downlowdin for years. Gobsmacked cos he’s listin to the stuff I love, boogie to, howl to (and I mean majorly howl to).
    They grow tall, full of ideas, so full of what is right and how the world should be. I so hope it will be.

  13. Hey @ 17,

    And since I know, have had the pleasure of knowing your baby and growing up with you, it’s a happy time which I’m missing over there in Lizzie’s back garden. And their tallness and the opportunities of blogness this offers to those who understand the rightness of the world.

    If you know what I mean?

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