Bury my wounded knees

You know my pain, my angst, that existential angst, you’ve heard me moan before and I’m so finished with it’s pained expression.

Bury these knees at a wounded creek; this is not a story of an old man and his knees.


Kids, sulky sweet soft boys and crinkly succulent girls. Peoples, other peoples, gorgeous dreaming individuals inhabiting, cohabiting with me.

There are big fuck off granite hills in the middle of the burren, hills who didn’t invite knees or me or my bike, those big fuck off granite hills are humbling. A bare naked joyless humbling, a stripped down “kop the fuck on to yourself” reminder of mortality.  Corkscrew hill, fucking screw you and your painful ascension and cork screwness, and your abject lack of respect for middle-aged knees.

I’m angry, my anger simmers warm and searing at wherever it points and I point it everywhere.

But, and but again, stammer and stutter, Sam is back and so the fuck is Gimme. Heart Sings. Tinterweb lives.

And so, a lesson for forty nine year olds. Don’t, so don’t, do a hundred and thirty fucking miles into a Burren wind without preparation and with Omar’s lill school bag tightly strapped on your back.

Kop the fuck on.


There are Woohoos though,

For Sam.

 For Gimme

For Obama

For Shannon RFC

For Munster

For my love

For Omar, Buzz and for Darla

For me

13 responses to “Bury my wounded knees

  1. Louise Hay says knee problems are indicative of stubborn intransigence 🙂

    She’d suggest you learn to be more emotionally and mentally bendy.

  2. does this mean you’re back then?

  3. Hey Jo,

    She’d be right

    Hey Manuel,

    Yep, sorry for the drivelly crappola. Could only do two days and the second was pure silly. Into a head wind for 7 or 8 hours in very hilly terrain.
    I’m a fat 49 year fucker who should know better.

  4. I once went down Corkscrew Hill in a morris minor dreaming of its afterlife, not funny on the hairpins. Not one bit funny.

  5. Off to Google Corkscrew Hill and assess its screwiness.

  6. i am so feeling your pain, sugar…58 here…my heart wants the outdoor life again, my body says hell no, wtf is the bar? xoxo

    good healing, darlin!

  7. Welcome Conan Savannah,

    Virtual tea and biscuits or coffee maybe or maybe something stronger.

    Conan, a Morris minor – I know that car, my uncle had one. A great car. But down that hill . Not funny .

    Very Screwy Sam, and very hard to climb when exhausted.

    Hi Savannah, 58 , you are but a child. Life begins at 60 I’m reliably told by my fifty something friends.

  8. A tad worse for wear are we then?

  9. Yep Xbox.

    Polaxed is more accurate. There’s at least ten “shoud haves”.

    I think the weather is the most important and then wind direction and a bit of training.

  10. Cycling Corkscrew Hill at any age, and with any knees, is to be avoided, unless the knees are another’s.

    Not a good plan. Don’t do it no more.

  11. Good for you Sniff – RESPECT majorly.
    Irony – the knee is givin jip cos you’ve been exercising so much. This is my theory on the need to exercise- You’ll wear out all the bits if you do too much, hence my exercise regime.

    Here in the box listnin to oldest babys’ ITunes. Love it. Like being in a club but better cos I can sing along at the top of my voice – a real friday night feeling.

    Hi to Darla, Buzz and Omar and she who loses keys (it’s a girl thing).

  12. I’m a bit worried you’re not back yet! Recovered?

  13. Thanks Bock, no more journeys, round myself or the burren, on a bike. Got it.
    @17 – Yes, the more I exercise the more they hurt- Stop exercising, Got it. Ta
    Jo, I’m well back now. Think dog with tail between legs. Thanks for the kind thought.

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