A bit of nothing.

For a while. Nothing. Twisty and turny life throwing me curve balls. Doesn’t she realize my reflexes were never the best.

So, advice. Read Eolaí’s cottage chronicle, or gorgeous Gimme and Sam, always read Sam. And failing this read Bock. When in doubt read Bock, you will never doubt again. And for those searching out mind expansion is a good way, drop by the Queen, for enlightenment.

And is you can’t find solace there and we’re looking for solace on this blog, look to Manuel for one of the smarter writers around, and then to Xbox to make you rethink your expended energies as an effort.

8 responses to “A bit of nothing.

  1. Hurl the ball right back at Life, Sniffs. Put some spin on it and aim for her head.

    Hope it’s nowt too bad keeping you busy.

  2. As ‘a bit of nothing’ goes that was very tidal and lyrical.

    Hope all is well.

  3. Alright so…*goes sits in the corner and sulks*

    Can you come out to play after yer dinner like?

  4. I’ll be waiting……then again it is what I do best……stay cool old chum…..

  5. Carry on. We’ll be here. Wherever here is.

  6. Hey Sniff,
    Here for the twists, turns and shaky reflexes.

  7. Orinoco Flow (er)

    So Sniffle, am sallying forth once again to expound on the magnificence of nothing! I am in a Zen state of mind today and that is vaguely disturbing, almost as if I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Do I worry about tomorrow? No so much anymore and hitting the 1/2 century seems to have done the trick, life’s too short, descending into my dotage etc.
    Today I’m doing fine and that’s all that matters to me.

  8. Good luck with it all, Sniffle.

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