State of you


Gammy hip


Dodgy knees


Deviated septum

Yeah…………., and your point is?


And this IS your point?



Paul Simon

Ways to leave your lover?


Turn up today and for today. Leave that ol baggage in the left luggage, you’re doing fine without it.

Turn up today for yourself, and then for your family. Both need you, in the here and now.

A birthday cake, two pints, a Happy Birthday dad and then, squeeze tells me she loves me.

I will grow old with her and I love her too.

How very bad.    


14 responses to “50

  1. Not bad for an old timer.

    Happy happy xx

  2. Who you calling old timer, sham ?

  3. That would be the caoga year old half of this dialogue. mmmmmmmmMorris!!

  4. What more could you want, at any age.

  5. Spot on Xbox, exactly.

    Morris? Me, a morris? How very dare you queenio.

    You know, it’s a funny old rock and roll world and I’m not making any sense of this 50 thing.
    Surprisingly, it was easier then the 40 thing, which I didn’t make much sense of either.
    All the aging clichés are accurate but wtf. I wish I could be doing more, but more of what I ‘m not sure.

  6. It’s funny, but you don’t ‘sound’ 50.

    You sound wiser, but not older, if that makes any sense.

    And I really enjoyed turning the oft dreaded 30. but 31 was a pain in the hole, go figure.

  7. Well you know you’re still younger than Morrissey. He hit 50 on the 22nd.

    Nor is it unreasonable to want more of a very good life.

    Carry on that man.

  8. Wise, are you sure you have the correct blog, xbox?As for the passage of time ……… tumbleweed.

    Dev. there was no middle ground with the Smiths. I felt they were always too clever for me , but I seemed to alone in this .

    And my very good life? The screaming existentialist within, says not to qualify the word “life”, cause life doesn’t give a shit for our view. And the Frank McCourt in me wants to deny you too. Did I ever tell you about the corn flakes box covering the hole in the sole of my shoe ?

  9. Happy Birthday Sniffle. May your year continue in as sweet a vein. J x

  10. I was young and blinded by optimism when I first encountered the Smiths. It was some time before they sank in and illuminated.

    I care not a jot for the existentialist and his screaming. For I am my own life and know what happiness is when I see it. Oh and as for Frank Mc? I love him but he can bite me too. I blaspheme against him because I love him so.
    Do you have a cornflake box covering the hole in your shoe today? No? Then today’s existence is better. Posh git btw. We had bread and goody if we were lucky. Ever try to plug a hole with that?

  11. happy birthday, sugar! trust me it gets better every year. i am looking at another decade this coming new year’s eve…and i am damn happy! xoxox

  12. Not at all. I was late to the Smiths. Being all optimistic and cheerful I needed a bit of On The Job experience to lead me to their spindly,pale (but open) arms.

    I love Frank Mc. Have his babies for him were it possible but even so he, too,can fuck off. I know he’ll come back to me. What you have around you now is good and not to be spurned. Why fight that? Give in to that ‘life’ and rebel against the joyless.

    Cornflakes? How bad? Ever try and plug a hole in your shoe with bread and goody? I wish I could sneer at your cardboard affluence. I weep instead.

  13. I’ve been looking forward to my fifties since I was 14, though back then I didn’t know that it would end up being in anticipation of survival.

  14. It’ll be nice Jo, there’s gotta be a good way at looking at things , all the time . These things always turn up, so I need to look at them differently, more benovelently . But yes , a sweet year, please.

    Woohoo Sav, if you could bottle that joie de vivre, well, you and me could make a fortune with your joie. Not happy years but happy decades, go girl !

    Just listening to Johnny Mahr, now playing with Modest Mouse. Fair mad Dev, check it. Fair nuff so, less fighting, more accepting Ta. We’ll agree then that were both inconstant need of new shoes and using whatever available to keep our tootsies dry .

    Oh God, Eolaí, I’m laughing, but not at your anticipation of survival. Did you have the beard @ 14 , bet you did. Hey nice to hear from you again too.

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