To be…….. *sigh*,

Your knee?  

No, no, the situation at home, I told you before.  The uncle and the ma, at it like rabbits and my bedroom only next door. Or not to be……….. .*sigh*

You okay?

Err no, the not being and the not perchancing to dream are totally freaking me out.

You’ve been talking to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern again, haven’t you?  I told you already they’re just a bunch of spas and are only having it up for you. Saw them talking to old man Claudio yesterday.

Slings and arrows though, outrageous fortune……… *sigh*,



Pub: Outside, having a smoke.

Did you see Cristiano at the Bernabeu? 80,000 punters turned up to see that pimp.

Ophelia’s wrecking my head, I don’t even fancy her or anyone else for that matter.

And Kaka, I mean wtf, Kaka? What wrong with Dave or John?

But conscience does make cowards of us all……..

He’ll never be as good as 40 goals again. Anyway Rooney is the heart of united.

I saw a ghost the other night.

We should check the flights for Old Trafford next season, book them well in advance and see if we can get over for a handy match.

He told me that Claudius killed the da, poisoned him.

Let’s go back inside; it’s bloody freezing out here.



When we have shuffled off this mortal coil…..*sigh*

Ah here, will you talk to him. He saw a ghost the other night and he’s bit alsy palsy.

Hamster, s’up?

The not being.

Don’t so.

7 responses to “caca

  1. You had me all the way until you mentioned those two unmentionable words: O.L.D. T.R.A.F.F.O.R.D.

    Shame on you.

  2. so was this all about football, sugar? *i am lost* xoxo

  3. Jimmy, I did it for the kids. There was talk of Leeds early on but I couldn’t do that to them, could I? Her indoorseseses family are hardcore United people. Look that fucker Ronaldo is gone now so it won’t be half bad…..

    Hi Sav,
    Lost is good. If you google the caca thing, it will lead you in the right direction. Bit of a giggle really .

  4. sugar, you ain’t right..i think i love you! ;~D xoxo

  5. god bless United and all who sail under her mighty red colours…….seriously

  6. A friend says, ‘I don’t think, therefore I’m not’ so even though it’s not Shakespeare it’s not far off, so stop thinking about it.

  7. Thanks unstranger. I was struggling to think of something to put up on this bloody blog and I’d come across the Hamster’s soliqua, soliquay, soliqueue……… oh you know his solo effort! And for giggles I came up with this . Not sure what to do with the bloggy thing really. I think they have to be a confessional dairy of sorts or one with some sort of firm conviction or agenda. And this is just not me right now . I’ll have to find another way.

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